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David Sellers is an architect and a designer lving and working in Warenn, Vermont.   The Madsonian is the result of his lifelong dream to honor the world's best in industrial design.  Dave got his start in architecture at Yale University.  He has since been designing and building in Vermont and around the world.  Dave has been named one of Architectural Digest's top 100 architects. 


Welcome to the Madsonian, a museum of Industrial Design.  Our collection represents a lifetime of appreciation for and devotion to good design, displaying the best designed and most artistic manufactured objects.  From cars to toasters, and from toys to canoes...

It is becoming more and more important to think carefully about how we as a civil society use our resources.  By making the everyday beautiful and well designed, and by recognizing and valuing that effort, we can reduce our throw-away culture and become one that surrounds ourselves with beauty, thoughtfulness and art.  

The museum has in its collection work by designers such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Gehry, Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe, Aalvar Alto, Raymond Loewy, Norman Bel Geddes, Eero Saarinen, and Marcel Breuer, to name a few.

 On Exhibit:

- TOYS!-

The Madsonian celebrates the great toys of our time:  Lincoln Logs, Legos, sleds, and more!  Come play and learn about the classic toy designs that kids (and adults) have enjoyed for decades. 

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