Madsonian Wish List


FROM:  Dave Sellers founder and director

We are 501c(3) certified for tax deductable contributions.

Small to large wishes:
1. Landscape front and back yards including gazebo on river
2. Exterior lighting AND, new sign
3. Annual exhibit installation costs
3. Sculptural entrance of parts of cars, airplanes bikes etc.
4. Sprinkler system in whole building
5. Executive Director
6. Set up , stock, advertise and operate on line store
7. ADA compatible fire stair to second floor
8. Dormer on second floor, 600 sq. ft x $200
9. Design and engineering for new exhibit hall ($3mm hall)
10. New Exhibit hall
Two stories, ramps, small theater etc

Note: Exhibits and Executive Director are annual costs.:

The memberships, daily donations when open, event fees and income from the Store will cover the monthly costs, utilities, cleaning etc.

The Store has the potential to eventually cover all the annual costs.